Conference 2022 : Fostering Resilient Business Ecosystems and Economic Growth: Towards the Next Normal

“Next Normal” is the latest buzzword two years after the Covid -19 pandemic hit all the sections of society and the economy. With the havoc now seemingly showing the downturn, it’s the “Next to Normal” that will define 2022 and the subsequent years. Covid-19 has changed the world, society, and business function. With the Next Normal, the future demands resilience. Resilience is the CEO agenda of every company and across all industries. Businesses are reconsidering their approaching order to make it more resilient. Re-evaluating one’s supply base, geographical footprint, moving with speed to digitize the operations end to end, encouraging flexibility to create new value for the customers, and increasing competitive advantage are certain considerations that need to be undertaken to build a resilient ecosystem for economic growth in the Next Normal. The ‘Next Normal’ also calls for innovative ways to re-engage an organization’s human resources and marketing techniques. Other measures such as financial assistance, devising a favorable environment for the growth of startups, and regional collaboration among ecosystem developers can play an essential role in transforming the way businesses work are the other factors business leaders should consider as they prepare for “The Next Normal.” There is a need for in-depth scientific reflection regarding the methods and instruments for economic development in theoretical and practical terms. In this background, the prime goal of this Conference is to be a platform for discussing scientific achievements and evaluate the current state of research development on the role of institutional, financial, and technological innovation in fostering a resilient business ecosystem and economic growth.

Date: 27th - 29th April, 2022
Venue: Online