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Daf Karandak

Daf Karandak

Daf Karandak

Dates: 11th March 2023


11th March 2023


2 hrs (4.00 pm to 6.00 pm)


Modern College, ShivajiNagar

Resource Person(s): (if any)


Faculty Coordinator(s)

Vaibhav Wasankar

Student Coordinator(s)

Devashish Sonawane

Organizer (Dept./Cell/Committee)

Progressive Education Society.


1) B-school believes in theatre-based learning.

2) Live theatre performances help to enhance student’s confidence, inter and intrapersonal skills, help to improve writing skills and think out of the box.

3) It helps to reduce stage fear and build confidence.

Brief Report

Progressive Education Society has organized State level inter-college Street Theatre Play Competition with an object of creating awareness, empowering the youth, and utilizing right to freedom of speech and expression positively.

Street Theatre Play Competition performed in the open and public area of our college. Social issues like ill effect of social media, importance of cleanliness, Role of Media, Dowry demands, female feticide, ban on use of Plastic bags, road Safety etc. related to youth and community were tackled through these street theatre plays competition with vista to change the society slowly into a better place to live in.

Thousands of students from various colleges had registered in this competition. Cash Prizes awarded to best three teams and two best characters to encourage efforts of participants.

Our students performed the Play on Superstition, Name “SOCH”.

Superstition still exists in our society but way to follow superstition are different. We spread the awareness regarding modern superstition activities that our society is following the same.


Theatre is the coordination of the various members of the creative team, such as the performers, musicians, designers, and others, to bring the script to life. This element can be considered the work-in-progress stage of a production, and it's the director who typically leads this effort.

We focus on these 12 elements of theatre, Role and character, relationships, situation, voice, movement, focus, tension, space, time, language, symbol, audience, mood, and atmosphere.

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