Conference 2023 : Enhancing Productivity in Hybrid Mode: The Beginning of a New Era

As the world looks to open up after the pandemic to operate from offices and workplaces, leaders at organizations and institutions are ready to welcome employees back to work. The organizations are trying to balance work locations between home and office. Since employees are not willing to go to workplaces, the hybrid mode of work has become the focal point. However, is hybrid mode the real solution? After the Covid pandemic, the landscape of work has changed significantly. The hybrid mode of work is here to stay. The way the economy is operating has changed – from the way groceries are ordered online, zoom meetings, online gatherings with friends and family to the online way of working. Organizations are trying to enhance productivity using technology and from the hybrid mode of working. People are looking for a place they can visit only for a very specific purpose - be it a collaborative session or an important meeting. Importance is given to output and productivity, work location comes second. Workplace has become a resource, not a requirement. It’s there when teams need it, but not a requirement to get work done. It’s time to embrace the hybrid workspace. Within this new hybrid world of work, organizations and institutions are forced to think in new and creative ways about the perks, benefits and resources they will provide to workers. In this background, the prime goals of this Conference are to understand how the  organizations and institutions are enhancing productivity through the hybrid mode of working and to provide researchers, industry practitioners, academicians, research scholars, and students with strong research orientation and a forum for discussing and presenting new ideas adopted by organizations and institutions to enhance productivity with the help of technology by embracing the new world of Hybrid.

Date: 26th - 28th April, 2023
Venue: Hybrid (Online & Offline)