• Prof. K. K. Aggarwal
    Chairman, National Board of Accreditation,

  • Dr. Neeraj Saxena
    Advisor, AICTE,

  • Lt Col Kailash Bansal
    Director, AICTE,

  • Col B Venkat
    Director, AICTE,
    Topic: NEP 2020 - Way Forward towards Professional Education

  • Er. B. S. Yadav
    Chancellor, IES University, Bhopal,

  • Dr. Hamid Saremi
    Chancellor, Asrar Higher Education Institute (Deemed to be University),

  • Dr. Meithiana Indrasari
    Chairperson, College of Communication Studies AWS,

  • Dr. Jovylyn Espalabra
    Chief Executive Officer and President, Virgo Industrial Products,

  • Prof.(Dr.) Sunaina Singh
    Vice Chancellor, Nalanda University

  • Prof.(Dr.) Soren Riggelsen
    Senior Management Executive, NASA Business Advisory Board, McKinsey Board Member, Leaders Excellence Harvard Square,
    Topic: Scoping & transparency-which are the main reasons for success or failure in large programmes

  • Prof. (Dr.) Raj Singh
    Vice Chancellor, Jain (Deemed to be University),
    Topic: How Does Entrepreneurship Focus in Higher Education Resolve the Debate Between Depth and Breadth of Knowledge!

  • Prof.(Dr.) Dilip K. Patnaik
    Vice Chancellor, Medicaps University,

  • Prof. (Dr.) Ajay Rana
    Vice- Chancellor, Shobhit University,
    Topic: Ushering in the New Era of Digital Learning

  • Prof.(Dr.) Aminullah Assagaf
    Vice- Chancellor, University of Dr. Soetomo, Surabaya,

  • Prof. (Dr.) M. M. Goel
    Vice Chancellor, Starex University,

  • Prof.(Dr.) C. V. Reddy
    Vice Chancellor, K. K. University,
    Topic: Post COVID19: The Next Normal in Technology, Innovations and Workforce market

  • Prof. (Dr). Manish Verma
    Vice President & Professor, University College of Bahrain,

  • Prof.(Dr.) Ankit Gandhi
    Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Technology,
    Topic: Entrepreneurship in the era of Covid-19

  • Prof. (Dr.) Dileep Kumar M
    Pro Vice-Chancellor, GNS University,
    Topic: Resilient Business Ecosystems - and Post Pandemic decisions

  • Dr. Rashmi Banga
    Senior Economic Officer, United Nations Conference for Trade and Development,
    Topic: Building Back Better Together

  • Prof.(Dr.) Manfred KIESEL
    Director International Management, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration University of Applied Sciences,
    Topic: Disruption in Car Industry

  • Mr. Arata Yaguchi
    CEO, TPA Inc. Tokyo,
    Topic: Go back to the Tax System that trusts the productive power of the people

  • Prof. (Dr.) Hassan Abu Bakar
    Dean, Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business, University Utara Malaysia,
    Topic: The Interplay between Industry-Based Certifications and Higher Education Institution Initiatives: Post Pandemic Expectations and Employability of Postgraduate Students in Southeast Asia

  • Prof. (Dr.) Harold Andrew Patrick
    Professor & Dean (Academics), CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed-to-be University),
    Topic: Positive Leadership

  • Dr. Froilan Mobo
    Assistant Director, Philippine Merchant Marine Academy,

  • Prof. (Dr.) Roselina Ahmad Saufi
    Dean, Malaysian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship And Business,
    Topic: Sustaining in the VUCA environment

  • Prof. (Dr.) Jochen Wirtz
    Vice – Dean & Professor, National University of Singapore,
    Topic: Intelligent Automation, Service Robots & AI

  • Omar Monzeglio
    Senior Expert Witness / Technical financial advisor, Italian Court for Financial and Banking matters,
    Topic: Bank Master Ledger vs ESG

  • Prof. (Dr.) Kashif Hussain
    Head of School, School of Media and Communication, Taylor’s University,
    Topic: The Role of Digital Media and Communication in Shaping the Future of Travel and Tourism Industry

  • Dr. Hala Faissal
    Head of Economics Department, Lebanese University,
    Topic: Economics of Blockchain

  • Prof. (Dr.) Gerhard Kling
    Chair in Finance, University of Aberdeen,
    Topic: The FinTech revolution: Finance for everyone

  • Prof. Vidyanand Jha
    Professor, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC),
    Topic: Helping create a better future: Challenges before Managers of tomorrow

  • Prof. Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez
    Research Professor, Higher Technological Institute of Zapopan,

  • Prof. (Dr.) Girija Chetty
    Professor, University of Canberra,

  • Prof. (Dr.) EleftheriosThalassinos
    Professor, University of Piraeus,
    Topic: Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and entrepreneurial passion as factors explaining leadership Styles: A mediation model

  • Prof. (Dr.) Diego Norena-Chavez
    Professor, CENTRUM PUCP Business School,
    Topic: Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and entrepreneurial passion as factors explaining leadership Styles: A mediation model

  • Prof. (Dr.) Husam-Aldin Nizar Al-Malkawi
    Professor, Faculty of Business and Law, The British University in Dubai,
    Topic: Assessing Institutional Dynamics of Governance Compliance in Emerging Markets: The GCC Real Estate Sector

  • Prof.(Dr.) Mukhitdinova Firyuza Abdurashidovna
    Professor, Tashkent State Law University,
    Topic: The concept of formation of the ecosystem of education

  • Prof. (Dr.) Dimitrios A. Karras
    Professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,
    Topic: On Artificial Intelligence Impact on business and economic growth resilience in a sustainable world

  • Prof. (Dr.) S. N. Singh
    Professor, HIPDET University,
    Topic: Cost-effective Innovative technological frontiers for resilient business ecosystem to accelerate Economic Growth towards next normal

  • Prof.(Dr.) Rong Zhang
    Professor, Nishinippon Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka,
    Topic: Impact of Covid-19 on Globalization in Japan

  • Prof.(Dr.) Jayantha Dewasiri
    Professor, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka,
    Sri Lanka
    Topic: Improving the Impact of Your Research: A winning Strategy

  • Prof.(Dr.) Sandra Vandermerwe
    Professor, Gordon Institute of Business Studies,
    South Africa
    Topic: Are you Ready for New Normal Customer Centricity?

  • Prof.(Dr.) Carlos Alexander Grajales
    Professor, University of Antioquia, School of Economic Sciences,
    Topic: A new era for market risk under Basel IV - FRTB and its Impacts on financial options

  • Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Kashyap
    Professor, Estonian Business School,
    Topic: Alice in Business-Land

  • Dr. Ghousia Khatoon
    Professor, Tishk International University,
    Topic: A road map to survive and thrive post pandemic

  • Prof. Suman Poudel
    Professor, Boston International College,

  • Dr. Adeniyi T. Adetunji
    Associate Professor, Crown University Intl Chartered Inc.,
    Topic: Fostering a Resilient Business Ecosystems and Economic Growth: Towards the Next Normal

  • Dr. Yeliena Prokhorova
    Associate Professor, Kyiv National Economic University
    Topic: Business adaptation to COVID-19 limitations: Ukrainian realities

  • Dr. Sofia Johan
    Associate Professor, College of Business, Florida Atlantic University,
    Topic: Governance and Success in U.S. Equity Crowdfunding

  • Dr. Kathan Shukla
    Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA),

  • Dr. Dhananjay Bapat
    Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management Raipur,
    Topic: Customer Experience in new normal

  • Dr. Megha Sharma
    Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC),
    Topic: Operations Management Research: Research Frontier and the Pandemic.

  • Dr. C. Radhapriya
    Associate Professor, University of Technology and Applied Sciences- Al Mussanah,
    Sultanate of Oman
    Topic: Fintech and Sustainable Development

  • Dr. S. Shitharth
    Associate Professor, Kebri Dehar University,
    Topic: Impact of Blockchain on Business Development & Growth

  • Dr. Diao Abdoukhadre
    Associate Professor, Advance Institute of Management,
    East Africa
    Topic: Organization and its stakeholders for successful strategic business resilient

  • Dr. Djuwari
    Associate Professor, Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya,
    Topic: Building a Framework in Research Writing for Higher Education Level,

  • Dr. Tanvir Mahmoud Hussein
    Associate Professor, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University,
    Saudi Arabia
    Topic: Fostering resilient Project Environment towards next normal: Insight from Ecosystems

  • Dr. Samad Noeiaghdam
    Associate Professor, Irkutsk National Research Technical University,
    Topic: A valid forecast of a nonlinear business cycle model

  • Dr. Maria Elo
    Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark,
    Topic: Diaspora Engagement and Impacts on Economic Development

  • Dr. Mohd Asif Shah
    Associate Professor, Kebri Dehar University,
    Topic: Enterprise in Education: Need and Relevance

  • Dr. Danijel Mlinaric
    Associate Professor, University of Zagreb,
    Topic: Contemporary Economic Diplomacy

  • Prof. Djordje Teofilovic
    Marketing Professional, Toronto Business College, Toronto,
    Topic: Block chain Technology- Simplified and Applicable

  • Apeksha Walavalkar, MCIPD
    Head (Leadership Development and Talent Management), Sopra Steria,
    Topic: Hybrid working and the changing landscape of Talent Management

  • Dr. Arvind Karunakaran
    Assistant Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University,
    Topic: Platform Governance

  • Dr. Harvey Nguyen
    Assistant Professor, Massey Business School,
    New Zealand
    Topic: Disaster Resilience: Government Responses and Default Risk Around the World

  • Dr. Leonardo Aureliano da Silva
    Assistant Professor, ESPM,
    Topic: Brand love, Service Recovery, and Customer Behavior in the era of Mobile Apps

  • Dr. Fatih Yigit
    Assistant Professor, Istanbul Medeniyet University,
    Topic: Green Finance for better Future

  • Dr. Kannapat Kankaew
    Assistant Professor, College of Hospitality Industry Management, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University,
    Topic: Fostering Socio-Economic through Parenting and Children Development: a human resource lens

  • Dr. Mihai Enescu
    Assistant Professor, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest,
    Topic: International trade of industrial roundwood between 2011 and 2020

  • Dr. Elia Hadjielias
    Assistant Professor, Cyprus Institute of Technology,
    Topic: SME Resilience: Psychological perspectives and context-based theory

  • Pedro Ivo Silva da Nóbrega
    Assistant Professor, UNINASSAU University,
    Topic: Smart Campus: The future of universities

  • Dr. Mujtaba Momin
    Assistant Professor, American University of Middle-East,

  • Dr. Maha Shehadeh
    Assistant Professor, Middle East University,
    Topic: The third axis, Fintech and its role in developing the economy

  • Dr. Diogo M.F. Santos
    Assistant Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico,
    Topic: New approaches for green hydrogen generation by alkaline water electrolysis

  • Dr. Ahmad Alshehabi
    Assistant Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University,
    Topic: Can firm- and industry-level governance mitigate the adverse effect of uncertainty? Evidence from the credit relevance of goodwill impairments in the post-Brexit period”

  • Dr. Ghadah Sheetah
    Assistant Professor, King Faisal University,
    Saudi Arabia
    Topic: Renewable resources for sustainable future

  • Dr. Mohsen Brahmi
    Faculty, University of Sfax,
    Topic: Entrepreneurial and innovation for sustainability in global crisis

  • Dr. Stephanie Chuah
    Senior Lecturer, Taylor's University,
    Topic: Service robots: Hype or the future of the hospitality and tourism industry?

  • Dr. Daberechi Chikezie Ekwueme
    Lecturer, Michael Okpara University,
    Topic: Post Covid-19 Global Economic Recovery: Building Back Better a Resilient and Sustainable Recovery.

  • Dr. Mohammad Hassan Shakil
    Lecturer, East Delta University,
    Topic: ESG and COVID-19

  • Dr. Zakeya Sanad
    Lecturer, Ahlia University,
    Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility and Earnings Management Practices During the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Dr. Ooi Kok Loang
    Lecturer, GSB, SEGI University,
    Topic: Have we recovered from COVID-19? Insight from the global economy

  • Phung Thai Minh Trang
    Lecturer, Hoa Sen University,
    Topic: Financial Literacy and risk-taking behaviour: a survey during the Covid 19 Pandemic

  • Dr. Cliff Ransom Wendell B. Lilangan
    Lecturer, Holy Angel University in Pampanga,
    Topic: The quality of 'drive' in the context of a resilient business ecosystem and economic growth

  • Dr. Malka N. Halgamuge
    Lecturer, La Trobe University,
    Topic: Fostering Cyber Resilience in an Interconnected World with the Internet of Everything

  • Phub Dorji
    Lecturer, Gedu College of Business Studies, Royal University,
    Topic: Business Inclusivity: Diffusing Business Classification through Collaboration

  • Simbarashe Levie Chikomo
    Lecturer, Ezekiel Guti University,
    Topic: The implications of Covid-19 crisis on business strategies in Zimbabwe

  • Pethmi Omalka De Silva
    Lecturer, Uva Wellassa University,
    Sri Lanka
    Topic: Business Excellence in a VUCA World

  • Samira Raki
    Lecturer, EMAA Business School, Agadir,
    Topic: The Importance of Understanding the Consumer Trends to Meet the Next Normal Consumer

  • Zakaria Elkhwesky
    Visiting Researcher, University of Žilina,
    Topic: Sustainable practices in the hospitality industry pre-and amid COVID-19

  • Hajar Mohamed Mahmoud Elhosseiny
    Assistant Lecturer, Misr University for Science and Technology,
    Topic: Strategic agility

  • Michael Oyanuga
    Faculty, Veritas University,
    Topic: Rethinking the future from the Past: Survival Strategies for Organisations

  • Prof. Mahbub Bhuyan
    Doctoral Researcher, University of Miami,
    Topic: Intrapreneurship, Trade Superhighways and Collaborative Business Ecosystems for Sustainable Economic Growth During the Next Normal.

  • Nicolò Michielin
    Doctoral researcher, University for Foreigners of Perugia,
    Topic: Trust during the Next Normal

  • Oloruntoyin Sefiu Taiwo
    Instructor Trainer, Cisco Networking Academy,
    Topic: Impact Of Information Technology (IT) on Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century.