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Workshop on “Research-oriented workshop”

Dr. D.Y. Patil B-school conducted a workshop for its in-house faculty members. The session was conducted for 10 hours spread between 9th May 2020 to 3rd July 2020.


  • Orient the faculties towards developing a proper research aptitude.
  • Introduce faculties to step-by-step writing of a research paper.
  • Understanding and framing of Transactional Problem in Research.
  • Enable faculties with skills to identify the Research Problem.
  • To understand the concept of research design.
  • To enrich faculty members on developing the skill of developing a questionnaire.

Target Audience: 20 faculties (in-house)

Program Dates: 9th May, 2020 to 3rd July, 2020

Resource Person: Ms. Pooja Mimrot, Market Research Executive


R&D cell – a research wing of Dr. D.Y. Patil B-school in its bid to initiate research activity in the institute, has launched a workshop on 9th May 2020 under the leadership of Dr. Sonali Saha along with other teammates of R&D cell, where over 20 faculty member participated in the program via online mode. The main aim of the workshop was to familiarize the participants to develop the flair for the writing of a good research paper and to understand as well develops the skills to write a quality research paper.

  • The first session was conducted on 9th May 2020 and was based on orientation towards Research paper writing. The instructor first gave an overview of the structure of the research paper and then discussed the various aspects of the research process particularly focusing on how to decide the topic of a research paper. The instructor, during her discourse, started with explaining the basics of research and the practical aspects of writing a research paper. In this session, she dedicated the major portion of her discourse to explaining how to decide upon a research topic by demonstrating on the excel sheet using various teaching aids.
  • The second session was conducted on 16th May 2020. The objective of this session was to help participants how to identify the research problem. The instructor started the session by clarifying what is meant by Research Problem and Research Design and what are the different types of research. She cited various industry-related examples to familiarize participants to identify the research problem. The session also was focused upon citing certain common mistakes Researchers commit while designing a research problem. Different sources of research Problem were also part of the discourse.

  • The third session was conducted on 23rd May 2020. The objective of this session was to understand how to develop a proper research design. The instructor focused on what should be the priority and the practical approach towards developing a research question. What point to be looked upon while collecting the data and also the importance of focusing upon what kind of data is required for that particular research?
  • The fourth session was conducted in two parts. The first part was taken on 30th June 2020 and the second part was taken on 3rd July 2020. The objective of this session was to develop analytical skills among the participants on how to build a questionnaire. The instructor explained to first decide on what kind of information is required and then understand who is the target audience and what are the methods to reach them. It was also explained how to understand what would be the content of the question and how to build them and arrange them in a proper format.

Ms. Suman Deokota very well coordinated the session by providing backend technical support. At the end of the session, feedback was taken with the help of Google Doc and was then analyzed on a linear scale by Mrs. Geetika Jha. In the analysis, it was found that 78% of the participants rated the overall quality of the session from very good to excellent whereas approximately 22% of the participants rated it good.

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