Workshop on “Navigating & Publishing Process”

Dr. D.Y. Patil B-school conducted a Workshop for its in-house faculty members. The session was conducted for 5 hours.


To introduce the process of navigating & publishing to the faculty members.

Resource Person: Ramesh Anandikar, Consultant trainer, Pune

Total Participants: 12

Date: 26/02/2019

Time: 11am-4:30pm (5 hours)


Ramesh Anandikar began the session by explaining why publishing one’s research paper is essential. He then explained how publishing one's research article in the journal is a tough job and the steps that an author requires to take note of before submission.

He then said that the work didn’t finish after the submission of the research article. Because, post submission, there are many steps from the publisher’s end on which the author doesn’t have any control. And thus, for one’s article to be successfully published in a reasonable time frame, one needs to understand the various steps involved in the process.

He then explained the steps at the publisher’s end post the submission of the article. He said that any request for publication in a journal undergoes a screening process. And hence, the authors should take note of the focus area of the target journal and whether the research article matches with the same to avoid desk rejection. After the screening, the research paper is sent for peer review, which is the most time-consuming process. The submitted article may either be rejected or sent back to the author with some minor or significant corrections suggested, which the authors must carefully comply with.

The final decision on the research paper lies in the hands of the editor. When the editor finally accepts the journal, it goes for the final publishing after reformatting with the journal’s conventions and styles.

If the paper is rejected, the author is given an apparent reason why was the research paper rejected, and the author is advised to work on it and resubmit to any other journal they deem fit.

Participants were immensely benefitted from the session. The session gave them profound insights regarding the publishing process, which will be helpful for them in getting their research paper published.

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