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About Placement Cell

About Placement Cell

The current business environment is extremely dynamic, uncertain and competitive. As a result, the demand for a new breed of managers who can meet the challenges is at its peak. Therefore, the placement process at Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School includes a continuous assessment of the diverse global trends to spot and identify the right opportunities for students so that their careers get a strong start.

The students are prepared for placement through training, assessment, guest lectures, short-term projects, internships and the summer internship programme.

Placement Team

The Placement Cell at the institute consists of experienced professionals from the industry as well as academia. The placement team guides and trains students to prepare them for placements in top business organizations across the world. Care is taken during the placement process to ensure that the skills and talents of the students match the job profiles in the organizations.

Part of the efforts of placement team at the institute is reshaping attitude, improving attitude and personality development. This is done through numerous workshops, assessment centres, classroom training and panel discussions, besides guest lectures by industry captains.

During the course, the students are offered industry-driven short-term projects to sharpen their understanding of and skills in their chosen areas of specialization. The projects are offered right from the first semester so that the students are conversant with the current industry trends and practices to improve their chances at placement. The short-term projects are, thus, uniquely blended into the courseware to help the students understand the industry better.

Internship plays an important role in shaping the careers of students since it gives them practical hands-on training, which helps them launch their careers. The goal of an internship is also to help companies identify future leaders who can grow within the organization. Hence, the placement team lays great emphasis on students doing their internships the right way and helps them do it the right way.

The students at the institute go for a summer internship that lasts for 8 weeks. The 8-week long summer internship is given to them during the summer break between their second and third semesters. The internship helps students develop a perspective of the industry as they experience the need for complete professionalism and also get a feel of the competition in the corporate world.

The Placement Cell at the institute strives around the year to achieve the right balance between the expectations of the industry on the one hand, and the ability of the students to deliver from their first day on the job, on the other. The placement team makes effort to ensure that the students get placed in companies where they fit intellectually as well as culturally. This is achieved through an exhaustive training calendar and involvement of academic teams at every step.

The placement team at the institute arranges multiple opportunities for the students during the placement season. The students have complete freedom to pick and choose the companies that they apply to for placements. Furthermore, the placement team regularly arranges sector-specific and company-specific training to set the right expectations among the students, which also helps them to perform well.

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