International MOUs

Year Name of the Organization Duration Nature of the Activities
2018-19 University of California, Riverside, USA 3 Years Faculty exchange
Students exchange
2018-19 Pax Edutainment, Mauritius 5 Years Internships
Industrial Visits
2019-20 Ball State University, USA 5 Years Faculty exchange Student exchange, including long-term and short-term exchange students
2020-21 Dr. Soetomo University, East Java, Indonesia 5 Years Faculty exchange, including visiting scholars, exchange teachers, and researchers
Student exchange, including long-term and short-term exchange students
Sharing of academic information and materials
Sharing of joint research programs and research achievements
Joint training programs
Jointly-sponsored conferences or forums
Other international cooperation and exchange programs that may be agreed upon by both parties
2020-21 Capsource Technologies, Inc., USA 5 Years Internships
Capstone Projects
Live Projects
2020-21 Politeknik Negeri Tanah Laut, Indonesia 5 Years Joint degree programmes
Joint teaching and research
Joint seminars, symposiums, and conferences
Mobility of faculty members, staff and researchers between institutions
Mobility of students between institutions
Staff professional development
Sharing and creation of educational materials and resources
Joint cultural activities
Other collaboration and exchanges as mutually agreed upon by both institutions.
2021-22 Deutsche Akademic Fur Digitale Building, Germany 5 years Training
2021-22 University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany 5 years Faculty exchange
Students exchange
Joint activities
2021-22 Boston International College, Nepal 5 Years Exchange of faculty
Joint research activities
Participation in seminars and academic meetings
Exchange of academic materials and other information
Special short-term academic programs
Student exchange for research and study