FDP on “Writing Impactful Research”

Dr. D. Y. Patil B-school conducted a Faculty Development Program for its in-house faculty members. The session was conducted for 5 hours.


The aim of this workshop is to harness the knowledge of the faculty members regarding writing an impactful research paper.

Resource Person: Santosh Rathi

Total Participants: 12

Date: 09th September, 2019

Time: 11:00am – 4:30pm


Session started with great enthuse and energy at 11:00 am in the classroom 401, at Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School, Pune with great presence of all the faculty members and dignitaries.

Santosh Rathi started the session with giving a brief overview of writing an impactful research paper.

It begins with getting ready with one’s data, the preparing the first draft, selecting a right journal and then submission. He then stressed upon the point that while writing a research paper it’s very important to know and maintain the focus of the research paper. While putting down your research on paper, identify the points that are emerged from the research and make it the central theme of the article. He then said to keep a note of good and bad writing styles in the literature and to take note of what is the readership of the selected Journal.

The session continues with explaining the structure of the research paper i.e. Title, Abstract, Introduction, Research Methods, Methodology, Data analysis and interpretation, Results and discussion, conclusion and references. He further explained how one frame a title should in order to make it attractive and which accurately reflects the investigation. He further explained how one should take care while writing each of the above described section of the research article.

The session concluded with the tips of how to find a right journal for the article to submit.

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