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FDP on "Method and Approach for Writing Edited Books"

Dr. D. Y. Patil B-school conducted a Faculty Development Program for its in-house faculty members. The session was conducted for 5:30 hours.


The main objective of the Faculty Development Program is to harness the knowledge of the audience regarding the right approach towards writing the chapters for the edited books.

Resource Person: Dr. Yogesh Pahuja, Consultant trainer, Pune

Total Participants: 12

Date: 05/01/2018

Time: 10am-4pm


Dr. Yogesh Pahuja shared his expertise on writing book chapter for edited books to the faculty members of Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School. He began his session by explaining that to begin writing an edited book, one needs to create a chapter outline which will help to sketch the chapter’s structure. He stressed on the point that the title should be eye- catching and the introduction should be written in such a way that it hooks the readers to the topic being discussed.

He then explained how to elaborate the content as per the outline designed. Towards the end of a chapter, a brief summary should be provided which gives the whole picture in a nutshell.

The audience found the session very resourceful and informative that gave them an in-depth insight on chapter writing, its publication ethics and leads.

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