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FDP on “Art and science of Research Paper writing”

Dr. D. Y. Patil B-school conducted an FDP for its in-house faculty members. The FDP was conducted for 6 hours on 19th June, 2020.


1) To understand the basics of writing a good research paper.

2) How to choose the area that needs to be worked upon.

3) The main points to be focussed (Dos & Don’ts) while writing a good research paper.

Target Audience: 20 faculties (in-house)

Program Date: 19th June, 2020

Program Duration: 6 hrs (11.00Am to 5.00Pm)

Resource Person: Dr. Sanjay Pohekar, Head - Research Programme, SCRI, SIU


This FDP mainly aimed at orienting faculty members towards writing a Quality research papers and get it noticed in the research fraternity. Dr. Sanjay Pohekar talked on how important it is to have a right mindset before beginning to write a quality research paper and what points to be pondered on when beginning to write a research paper. Why is important for academicians to be involved in writing and publishing a paper and how imperative it is to plan and execute research with publication in mind. He then went on explaining what should be the structure of a well written research article and what should be the language and the style of writing. Session concluded with the resource person taking up certain questions. The FDP was well received by the participants who reflected on the feedback form collected by them. FDP was coordinated by Ms. Geetika Jha.

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