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Faculty Development Program on Bibliometric Analysis

Research & Publication cell of Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School organized an in house Faculty Development Program on Bibliometric Analysis.


To make the audience aware of theways of analyzing Big volumes of data using Bibliometric Analysis.

Resource Person: Prof. Vishal Telkar

Program Date: 25th July, 2022

Session duration: 11am-4:30pm (5 hours)

Venue: Smart room

The session began giving a brief introduction about Bibliometric analysis. The trainer introduced Bibliometric Analysis as a popular and rigorous method for exploring and analyzing large volumes of scientific data. He said that it enables us to unpack the evolutionary nuances of a specific field, while shedding light on the emerging areas in that field. Yet, its application in business research is relatively new, and in many instances, underdeveloped.

The topics covered :

· Bibliometrics are the statistical analyses of books, articles, or other publications.

· Analyses are used to track author or researcher output and impact.

· Also used to calculate journal impact factors

· Bibliometrics data can also be visualized to understand publication relationships

The trainer used the BiblioShine tool and demonstrated to the participants how to do Bibliometric Analysis for writing research articles. The snapshots of some steps are given below.

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