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The New Workspace

Human Resources plays an important role in every organization whether it's small, medium or large.

Prof. Suman Deokota
October, 07 2021

Companies and organizations have changed over the years, and managers, particularly senior managers, need to review and analyze changes in the organization, such as technology, strategy, culture, and other elements.

It is the act of enhancing business performance through the management and use of human resources. Organizations in all sectors (public/ private) should have a solid understanding of the business so that they can achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

In order for business strategy to be effective, human resource strategy should complement it. Business strategy includes decisions on issues such as positioning products for success and choosing the right market segments.

An essential argument is that the management of human resources within the context of a corporate strategy means more functions and responsibilities are developed and redefined.

As illustrated in the preceding cases in different organizational units, it is essential that human resources strategies in any organization shall be inseparable from operating business strategies. However, business strategies may also consider human resources opportunities and limitations.

A multi-criteria decision approach is needed to evaluate and classify human resources strategies by specifying human resources based on indicators of competitive and business strategy in a fuzzy environment.

Human Resource strategy plays a critical role in organizations because it affects attitudes towards doing things.

The strategies on what employees should do in an organization are determined by Human Resource, the right candidate at the right time at the right place is the aimed accumulative goal. Human resource strategies represent and achieve it.

The unfurled situation of Covid-19 has deranged and created uncertainties, due to which Human Resources have shifted its process and proceedings into hi-tech for its sustainability. Covid-19 emphasis the need to refashion the discussion on the tactical versus and strategic role of Strategic Human Resource Management.

The Human Resources department is tasked with advocating for employees and serving as a strategic business partner. In what ways has the HR function successfully navigated these tensions becomes a question.

Human Resources recognizes unique operational capabilities, such as short-term retrenchment measures, over some perceived strategic orientation, in helping organizations navigate the great recession.

A solely operational focus however cannot create sustainable outcomes, suggesting that the most effective leader will balance roles with strategic management.

Furthermore, strategic Human Resource Management research focuses on 'narrow and classical definitions of strategy implying pre-determined harmony, and a linear progression from formulation to implementation, implying that Human Resource strategies are designed as one-off interventions.

During the pandemic, the pace of change required a dynamic and fluid approach to strategy.

The Covid-19 provides an opportune context for research that will investigate the strategizing process in executive leadership teams and how the Human Resource strategy has developed within that context.

Human Resources is playing a crucial role in driving operational and strategic success during the Covid-19 pandemic. Elucidating the three substantive implications of strategic Human Resource Management research:

To begin with, the pandemic highlights a need to understand how the environment of the workplace affects employees' actions and behaviours. Furthermore, tensions between stakeholders are exposed, highlighting the need for consideration towards employee’s customers.

Lastly, tensions between the roles of HR as a strategic, as well as an operational, organization are exposed.

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