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Pandemic and Placements

Pandemic and Placements

The covid pandemic has directly impacted students from KG to PG in terms of academics and placements.

Prof. Prasanna Nilekar
September, 24 2021

Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” — Nelson Mandela

There might come certain instances where you might get imprisoned by negativities, and you might end up doing something that is not better for you, but that’s okay, The error is humane. There is nothing to be guilty of.

But what’s more important is to stop, retrace and introspect. Observe the situation and look for the probable aspect that would bring out a better version of YOU.

The eminent philanthropists around the globe have kept their views on how the Covid-19 pandemic disinterred the lives of several students, working professionals and ground duty staff members of various sectors.

The pandemic has directly impacted students from KG to PG in the view of academics and placements.

The teaching and learning process design is based upon Preparation, Presentation, Application and Test, as most academicians follow this model from the ancient period. Nowadays, due to this unpredictable pandemic situation, the academies are unable to prepare and present well due to n number of barriers of source availability, psychological aspects and so many factors.

The application and testing of data that have been transferred have also been somewhat tedious.

Though the situations are not well around the globe, students and teachers put their best efforts to grab more.

The use of technology and its several applications are now familiar among every stakeholder of scholarly society. According to the APESO 2020 report of the World Labour Organization, 81 million jobs were lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This situation leads to a massive reduction in working hours, reverse job growth, and push millions into working poverty.

On the other hand, the would-be graduate, or postgraduate students from all the universities ready for their final placements face enormous issues like starting from network connectivity to registration processes of various companies and government sector entities.

Institutes like Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School, Pune had taken multiple initiatives to beat the pandemic's heat in the placement process under Ho's noble guidance. Secretary and Hon. Director.

Hon coined several new efforts and tactics. Placement head for multidimensional placement hiring programs. Social media is used to build a solid network among institutes and students with the help of some advanced tools for company-wise registration.

The mentor/mentee program for the individual development of students are also being executed in the institute.

Students of management education should not lose their hopes and always show their readiness towards any hurdle in their placement path.

In my opinion as a placement team member, I would like to suggest a three P’s model for every student during this pandemic like P-Prepare well, P-Practice well and the third most important is P- Patience. While ending my words, I would like to say all the best to the aspirants with one quote…

Find the wave of change…

Unless you find yourself beneath it….

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