No Risk, No Gain

No Risk, No Gain

Risk either makes us successful or teaches us some valuable lessons. There are many people who took the risk and now they are idols for many of us.

Pradeep Kumar (Marketing-Batch 21-23)
March, 12 2022

If he had not caught the train from Kharagpur that day thinking that he had a government job in his hand, then no one knows MS Dhoni today.

Risk is the only wall between you and your dream, you put your hand on your heart and ask yourself one thing whatever life you are living today are you happy with it, are all your dreams fulfilled if all these questions are answered.

If the answer is yes, then I say you don't need to take the risk, but the answer is no then you are doing it wrong you have to take the risk even if you lose there will be the satisfaction that I have tried and if you win then you live your dream life.

If we are afraid of risk, then because of our negative thinking it means that before doing that work, we think that what will happen if we fail, and this fear of failure makes you extraordinary to ordinary.

When we were learning to walk as a child we took risks, the first time we were learning to cycle we also took risks, the first time we were learning to ride the bike we also took risks.

We fell many times, but we did not give up, the result was that we learned all these things, no child learns to walk in the first time, no one can ride a bicycle in the first time so why do we expect from life that should be successful in the first attempt. That's wrong, isn’t it!

You will fall many times on the way to success, but you will stand back with the same zeal with which we learned to walk in childhood believe me, by coming here you will be successful one day or the other.

We must take risks because this thing will pave the way for us knowingly, unknowingly, we have taken risks in many things.

If you got success in some things, you had to face defeat many times but today you will not take the risk for your dreams, then when you will Be 60 to 70 and then you will sit with regret that if you had taken a little courage at that time, then maybe today life would have been something else, even if you were failing in it but there will be that satisfaction in you that I have tried at least.

Perhaps even now this thing will not matter that much to you, but you will get your answer by asking this thing to an elderly person and taking a risk doesn't mean that you will make a success of your slab in the first attempt.

It happens in very few cases because for the first time we do any work, we don't experience it, many things are not known and so many times failure has to be accepted in the beginning but once you take the risk.

Your focus should be on not giving up because no person in the world is successful but never defeated.

We know the positive fact of the life of these successful people, but we have no idea how many times he has failed, how many times he has broken.

So even after taking a risk in your life, if someone fails, then there is no need to understand yourself differently because if you have the desire to achieve success then failure will not harm you and one day you will also be successful and you will find your name among successful people.

Many people don’t take risks for their dreams by saying who has got more than the time and luck. But these people forget that if they want, they can write their destiny.

Many people around us start scaring us even before taking risks, they may have the same experience, but it is not necessarily the same with you.

I have heard this many times. Many families do not allow their children to do business because they had failed when they started the business 25 years ago.

Here I understand the concerns of the family members but listen carefully to me, whatever I'm going to say now and that is for all the parents that 25 years ago when you started that work the time was different, the market was different, your skills were different.

The market requirements were also different but now the time has changed the market requirements are different and your child’s skills are also different so why are you stopping your children because of a bad experience.

Maybe what he wants to do right now is the need of the market and he has all those skills that business needs to be done.

If the answer to both things is yes, yet you are holding him back, you are making a mistake because he will fail or succeed when he tries.

If the family members of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had refused to do business for fear of failure, would there be a company as big as Apple and Microsoft today!

I don't think so because as far as I think I understand that business does not require only knowledge, skills, and money. One more thing is needed for this and that is family support.

In conclusion, I want to highlight the importance of risk in life. That is the request to all parents that you should also take risks and support your children to fulfil their dreams stand by them because WITHOUT RISK NOTHING GAIN in this world.

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