LinkedIn – Need of the Hour!

LinkedIn – Need of the Hour!

With the use of LinkedIn, you are able to connect with professionals around the world and also get your dream job.

Mr. Aashish Chouhan (Batch 22-24)
July, 29 2022

In the current age of digitalization, LinkedIn has become essential for every man who aspires to enhance career chances or who wants to land his ideal job for better career opportunities.

LinkedIn is just like Instagram where we can post photos and videos and people can like share and follow each other’s accounts.

However, Instagram is only a time-wasting social media site as it becomes very difficult to find employment over Instagram.

On similar grounds, if you are an active user of LinkedIn you can get in touch with industry stalwarts who work at Fortune 500 companies and other MNCs; by doing so one can walk the same path towards creating a successful career goal and stay in tune with the current business scenario.

Speaking of or referring to the numbers, there are over 830 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide who are using LinkedIn.

Many of us use LinkedIn, so it would be fair on my part to list down the advantages of using LinkedIn.

Perks of LinkedIn -

1) LinkedIn is a place where anyone can find an opportunity for their desired job in just one click, also if they are eligible for that particular profile, they can also apply within the LinkedIn app itself.

2) Each and every organization and company are available on LinkedIn, it allows us to find different job profiles for different desired companies at different locations, wherever we wish to work. Also, many sometimes potential employees get recruited through LinkedIn.

3) LinkedIn enables us to connect and follow all levels of employees of any company who are available on LinkedIn, where we can directly message the concerned person through direct messages. They can also be tapped through the email ids pervaded by them in their profiles.

4) What if you get the email address of the CEO of any MNC….? Doesn’t that fascinate you?

So, this is what LinkedIn is majorly about….

Your LinkedIn profile matters a lot because it shows your Resume and CV so that others can see your profile, and understand your interest areas, skills, your networks and your opinion about your surroundings.

LinkedIn also keeps us updated with current scenarios worldwide to understand what is going on around the world.

LinkedIn itself suggests nearby users who are using the application.

Some helpful tips for a good LinkedIn profile -

1) Your profile should be updated with complete academic information i.e.

    a) Professional profile and background picture.

    b) Complete academic details and location.

    c) Detailed work experience (if any), key responsibility areas and profiles handled.

    d) Skills (Language, Communication etc)

    e) A good career objective.

2) Send at least 100 good connections to professionals from the industry.

3) Your activity on LinkedIn should be the most in comparison to the other applications.

4) Update your profile with posts related to your interest area and your ideologies on a regular basis.

Stay tuned for more helpful tricks and tips related to LinkedIn.

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