India: a Considerate Friend to Every Being

India: a Considerate Friend to Every Being

India is building strong relations with many nations to grow together and many nations know that in any odd situation India will help them unconditionally.

Prachi Yadav (Batch 21-23)
May, 13 2022

India is a name that everyone recalls while talking about a genuine friend. For ages, we have been known for our warm gestures, golden heart, and alluring nature.

No matter what community we belong to, everyone knows when to come forward and help others in their tough times.

We believe in exercising peace and harmony not just within the country but also with other countries.

As of late, India has been recognized as an aiding country and acquired fair regard and position from countries around the world.

While talking about our generous nature, it becomes mandatory to quote some instances where we outshined others.

Post India's independence and partition, India and Afghanistan have shared exceptionally close affinities.

For instance, India helping Afghanistan with its current crisis shows how concerned we are, and India's active involvement is quite realistic.

In the hours of the ruin of the Taliban, India's connection with Afghanistan improved consistently, in contrast to now.

India has pursued a multifarious approach in Afghanistan, helping them with development assistance as single-handedly we are the largest donor to them.

India has invested a substantial amount in Afghanistan for infrastructure, medical, and agricultural development. And this ain't just about the current scenario, but India and Afghanistan have been friends since time immemorial.

People of both countries are friendly enough and hold immense respect for one another. Even the governmental partnership between both nations is the first of its kind.

Ordinarily, not just the government but Afghans appear to have welcomed Indian involvement in development projects in their country.

Speaking of helping nations, India's association with Sri Lanka cannot be omitted.

The relations are recorded for more than 2,500 years in history, and both sides have built upon a legacy of cognitive, cultural, religious, and linguistic intercourse.

Moreover, India has played a notable role in Sri Lanka’s post-independent political life.

However, these links are profoundly affected and held captive by the question of the legitimate rights and welfare of the Tamil minority and fishing dispute.

India’s interests in Sri Lanka include utilitarian security considerations to keep up peace and security and to control the externalities of the conflict threatening India.

Yet, India has maintained a healthy relationship and helps the government of Sri Lanka in every way possible.

The above-mentioned instances demonstrate our unselfish culture and an open mindset towards others.

It was passed down to us from our forefathers and will undoubtedly be passed down to future generations.

But what's important to note here is how we manage to gather resources and assist others, regardless of how difficult the situation or the relationship is.

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