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Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School

How Students Choose Their Specialization at Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School?

How Students Choose Their Specialization at Dr. D. Y. Patil B-School?

Specialization is very important & choosing a specialization is a very tough decision for the students for management education.

Prof. Suman Deokota
May, 23 2022

Specialization selection can be one of the most flummoxing drudgeries, after all, it is going to be the deciding facet for your ensuing trials.

Specialization selection can be arduous for some and effortless for those remaining. However, specialization should not be done when decided, it must be done keeping your skills and passion in mind.

Dr. D.Y. Patil B-School offers different specializations like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business and Business Analytics.

The curriculum of all these courses has been designed so that after being trained thoroughly in class you will be neck and neck with the industrial trends and needs.

Before commencement of the semester, we conduct a one-month induction program, in which we orient the students about the world of management, current trends, business opportunities and entrepreneurship cases through coffee with corporates.

One of the preeminent sessions is the specialisation selection session. Many times, it is observed that students figure out their interests by the end of the first year, which makes it difficult for the students as well as the management to cope with the student’s learning and the losses of lectures.

Consequently, we conduct a specialization selection session before starting a semester so that the students can understand the objectives and the outcome of the course before pursuing them.

During the session, the faculty thoroughly explains the profile, job description, job specification, and opportunities, and everything is linked up with the economy.

Each specialization is taken, and a fecund discussion foam where the students are encouraged to ask their questions and every question is addressed with tenacity, examples and perceived outcome.

To top that off, various meetup sessions like HR Meet, Finance Meet and Marketing Meet are conducted. In such meetings, around six to seven industry experts from a similar industry (e.g., finance) are invited to guide the students about the subject, its content and its relevance in the industry.

The industry experts are generally from the top-level management like the CEOs, CROs, CFOs, Vice presidents, General managers etc from top multinational companies.

The agenda of such meetups is to help students understand management jargon and establish a business temperament.

During the interaction with the virtuoso, students understand the job roles, the potential job requirements and the future prospects of the business and its operations.

Students are also made to fill out a worksheet which will further shed light on their decision on which specialisation is to be taken up.

The worksheets are put together using psychometric tools to understand the personal attributes of the students, their aptitude skills as well as sales skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills and their subject inclination.

Psychometric tools are being used by several companies to understand the traits and skills of their employees and job allotments and allocations are done accordingly.

Except for all these, the students are allowed to sit for one lecture of each subject and rule out their interests.

Management courses are customarily delineated to fabricated management leaders, hence, there should not be any gap between your interest and the industry requisites.

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