Failure Become Success

Failure Become Success

Most of us stop our efforts after getting one or more failed attempts at our work. We forget that many failed attempts teach us what is wrong in our attempts.

Pradeep Singhaniya
February, 15 2022

You fell on two steps and stopped walking. On the other hand, there are some whose ELBOW marks are learning that there are spirits that have stopped being afraid of failure.

Most of us fail in our life, are unable to leave our dreams, lose from life. What does it feel like because of failure! No, we think we have FAILED, but we have not failed.

Oh, failure was a chance that life had given us to be better than before. Failure means nothing. Failure doesn't come to defeat or fail us. Failure comes here to bring out our hidden strength.

A fail in real is one who has stopped after a failure, who's has stopped learning, and has to stop understanding things. If the loser doesn’t give up, then there is no point in losing and we accept defeat with our small failures.

Why don't we fight failure, why are we afraid of failure! Fight with failure, make eye contact, and say that you put all your strength with failure to defeat me, but still, I will not give up.

Whatever happens, failure will make me fall but I will rise again. Failure fell me a million times, not once but still I will stand up and fight, fight with myself, fight with my failure, stand in front of my mirror every morning, and tell yourself that even if big failures come.

I will take it as a lesson, not as a failure and I will learn everything from that lesson. If there were no failures, we would never have known our reality. Unless you fall, again and again, you cannot stand properly.

So, look at those pits because which you are failing and learn how to fill those pits, do not cry after failure, be happy because those who are failing, if not today, then tomorrow they will be successful.

If he keeps on continuously till the destination is found. Don't give up no matter what happens, it will definitely be successful.

Never give excuses after failure. Always accept the failure and move on, not stop. This is not the end of your story which is a failure.

This is the start of your success story because, in the biography of whoever is successful in this world, failure is told first and a success letter. Failure is just a part of success.

No one can be successful without failure, so you must be asking a question in your mind why do most people remain in failure all the time that is because they gave up, they gave up watching their dreams.

They didn't believe in themselves. They strangled their dreams with their own hands. And they thought that this is the end, there is nothing beyond it.

I'm telling you again, failure is not the end of our story, it is the beginning of our success story. After failure, people get two paths. One is the average, and the other is the legend.

On average, your whole life becomes average. A life of fun, alive with temporary pleasure, a life that studies history, and in this way most of the people in the world remain average because they have chosen the easy average path.

The second way is to become a legend, on which one becomes a legend from an ordinary and there are only thrones on this path. This will prick at every step, but this is the only way where you are not a reader of history, but a creator.

Whoever has walked on this path is highly successful today. So choose today if you fail, on which path you have to walk - Average or legend.

Great Failure Story:

Steve Jobs - At the age of 30, he was fired from his own company

Albert Einstein - The teacher said that this child will not be able to do anything in life.

Oprah Winfrey - Was fired from the job of new anchor because she was not suitable for T.V. News.

Many people in life move forward by rubbing their legs and some don't even want to rub their shoes.

If someone is moving forward with a tight neck, then some have not even the shoelaces, and they seem to have tried hard everyone wants to reach the heights, but no one wants the one who has to push themselves.

One who is mad about their dreams achieves them. Success is not a Maggie that can be done in 2 minutes. It takes time and then an example is set because in a hurry only things are made.

Whoever wants to become an actor, engineer, doctor in their life, never think that person this will not happen to me, he was lucky, rich, it was like that, and he got a chance.

Anything can happen in life and good things happen to everyone. If you want something with your heart, then no one can stop you from getting it.

All is well at the end of life. If it is not good, then the picture is still pending my friend. And if you want to achieve anything in your life then you have to face the dangers.

Losing is not a bad thing, not learning anything from that defeat is a bad thing. Fearing defeat and not trying again is a bad thing.

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. Failure is a part of life. If you don't fail, you don't learn if you don't learn you will never change.

Nothing will happen by sitting on the ground and watching the sky open your wings and touch the heights because the world only sees flying.

In conclusion, I want to highlight the importance of failure in life.

It is said that the greater the success after the failure, the greater the hero becomes, when success comes after failure, the hero becomes bigger.

Every successful person is at the top. Sometimes they have seen the face of failure.

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