Contribution of Technology in Education

Contribution of Technology in Education

In education, technology helps students by E-books, case studies, results tracking, managing student databases & Interactive textbooks etc.

Heena H. Ludhria
October, 16 2021

Is Technology Really Helpful in Education?

Technology gives a digital platform and in today's generation technology has become a crucial part of our lives. Anywhere we go we see the use of technology. Technology has made learning easy as well as interesting.

Nowadays colleges and schools are running with the new name of smart classes and technology will be used as the best example of these smart classes. According to research, children do not like going to school daily but after the introduction of these smart classes, they just enjoy being there.

Besides smart classes, there is also many software available for teaching and education purposes. And this software will keep us knowledgeable and help us to learn new things. There are many topics available on different social media platforms and there are different educational apps available.

We can read from them and daily can enhance our skills in different sectors. I really enjoy reading from apps that are available on the play store, they are designed in such a way that anyone can attract to them. And this attracts me and increases my interest to read and has made education easy.

The difference is visible to the world that, how technology has changed the education system. In earlier days, students had to read from their books and if they faced any problem in understanding concepts, they had to ask their respective teachers in schools & colleges.

But it is not compulsory for every student who has the same IQ level to understand what the teacher & Professor has said in class. Some students find it difficult to understand but they never ask because they are afraid of getting insulted in front of the class or they feel shy.

But in the present generation, when technology has become a part of education, students easily get various options to solve multiple questions. There are many platforms where they can also put a question, or they can book a live interaction with their teachers & professors.

Seriously, education has progressed a lot with the help of technology. People can also compare the marks. In earlier days, people used to hardly get distinction but nowadays it is not a big deal.

Because of technology education has become easier and today we have a good number of options to rectify our mistakes and clear our doubts. Easy access to the internet and other various apps has made education easy and friendly as well as interesting. These electronic gadgets also save time and energy.

Online Education:

Today's interaction models have greatly initiated learning from remote areas, i.e., online learning. This teaching and learning method became crucial during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic when schools were shut down and switched to distance learning.

Even before the pandemic, online learning was very popular, because it provides learning to many people at the same time who wanted professional development, but people in earlier days occupied with physical work do have much time or money to get it.

Distance learning enables individuals to attend online or pre-recorded lectures even if the lecturer is in another country.

Online education enables people to attend schools that may be physically located in another part of the planet, but it also allows them to work and study at the same time. Many educational institutions have introduced at a large level the role of technology in education and encouraged students to attend online classes, sit for tests and work on projects at their suitable time. In this way, quality education has become available to a larger number of people in every country.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the schools were closed for more than 6 months and still they are closed, and education was only possible because they were online. Technology saved students' lives from being uneducated for a year, seriously, thanks to the technology that education during this pandemic became possible.

There are multiple smart classes available everywhere which encourage the interest of students and increases interest in students to read at home.

Different Technologies For Education

Many devices which are helpful in educating self is student-friendly technology. It can be anything related to technology like a phone or a laptop and many more. In the present generation, there are many devices available that are made especially for students for their learning. Some of them I have listed below:

Smart Phone:

They are the smaller version of laptops also available; you can carry your Android or iOS phones anywhere and it is convenient to use as compared to the laptops. The internet connection and portable size make it user friendly.

In this generation, all the students have mobile phones and students can use them for educational purposes. There are various educational apps available in the Play Store which can be downloaded easily and can be used on these phones.


This is one of the best mediums for gaining knowledge and becoming a skillful person. The Internet is something from where you can collect information in a written way or in an audio form of your choice, Google is the best example for this.

You can get detailed learning on various concepts from different tutors on various platforms of your choice. It also helps students to get detailed information and also helps to clear their doubts and rectify their mistakes. A laptop is a device where you can easily access different educational portals.

Kindle for Textbooks:

These types of books are available online and they are available at reasonable rates so that students can easily buy and make use of them. This will also help us to reduce the production of paper and online books can be conveniently stored. They are popular in today's generation.

Electronic Pen Reader:

It is a thermometer device that helps to do the recording of the words written in a book. Sometimes we prefer listening and it has been proved that we acquire more knowledge by listening than by writing.

So, this device is specially designed for those who prefer listening not writing. This pen is an electronic device that collects whatever is written in a book and helps to plays audio whenever it is required.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:

These are the types of headphones that are super isolated and help to maintain pin-drop silence. Sometimes due to marriage seasons and some other reasons, it becomes difficult to study in noisy surroundings.

These headphones are specially designed which removes any kind of unwanted noise and helps you to focus on your studies. This helps students to be focused and complete their work on time.

Role of Technology in Future Education

1. In the coming future, even books will be available online, which will reduce the burden of a bag of school-going children.


This is a digital textbook which is a PDF on a tablet that students can carry around and there is no need to carry multiple textbooks anymore. It’s all digitalized. Students used to take hours in the library to find the read of their interest, now students find instantaneously no need to waste time.

2. The promotion of Digital education will help us in saving the environment, as well as will also help in decreasing the pollution caused by the burning of unwanted materials.

Interactive Textbooks and Case Studies:

Today’s textbooks have web-based sites that include animations, assessments, videos, and other materials to support the learning of digital education. Normally students have questions after reading a digital material available and they can answer them in an interactive way.

3. Digital learning will never be a problem for students who are aspiring to gain knowledge with the help of advanced technology.

Global Learning:

At sites like, students can create language lessons with a native speaker who lives in another country and helps to attend the lessons via zoom, hangouts, skype, etc. Learning from a native speaker, learning through social interaction classes, and being exposed to another culture’s thoughts are all incredible educational positives. Also, podcasts are the second most popular learning method, with thousands of free educational seminars and sessions now available on online platforms.

4. Technology also helps us to perform in advanced-level research programs and encourages us to learn new things.

Student Database and Results Tracking:

Professors are able to track individual progress and encourage them to identify new learning objectives and differentiate various guidelines and instructions based on the needs of the students.

Other than that, students will be able to check their grades immediately in the digital diary. Basically, each student will have an online portfolio where they can store all of their assignments, projects, and notes.

5. It will help students to learn, understand, think, read, analyze, and help them to perform logically. This will help students in increasing their levels of education.

Making Learning Fun Again:

Professors can now use animations, videos, and other different forms of content to upgrade the process of learning. In the present era, with the help of technology, it is now common for students and professors to use videos and games as a way of making the process of teaching and learning.

As a result of the use of various forms of content, learning and teaching have become now more fun and more interesting than it was in the earlier days.

6. Education will become digital and easily accessible to each and every student.

Cost Reduction:

Technology has contributed to crucial reductions in the costs of acquiring education. Everything has become digitalized now.


This is the best time for using technology to start and enhance learning at all levels, in all places, and for people of all backgrounds. From the modernization to the present generation the adoption of licensed educational resources, the key points are necessary to realize the transformations which are possibly made by technology in education are in place.

Although the presence of technology has the power to lower the barriers to both in ways which are previously impossible. No matter their learning abilities or geographic locations, all learners can use experience, resources, information, and planning tools that can set them on a path to acquiring unimaginable expertise a generation ago.

Tools and data systems can be started seamlessly to provide information on student learning progress that is beyond the thought process. Learning collaborations and dashboards or interactive tools can help you connect with professors and families with instantaneous ease. This is all done with the guidance of leadership and strong visions at all levels from leaders - teachers to the school, talukas, and state administrators.

In all these roles, technology enables greater resource sharing, communication, and improved practice so that the vision is owned by all and all initiate in helping each and every individual in the system to enhance online learning for students.

Now is a time of great progress and possibility for the use of technology to support education and digital learning.

Thank You :)

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