Agriculture Branding

Agriculture Branding

Increasing awareness of natural products helps to create Agricultural Branding. Farmers and Agribusiness need encouragement to stand in the Global Market.

Prof. Suman Deokota
July, 08 2021

Agriculture branding refers to the practice of promoting the BRAND of an agriculture entity and it is a practice of applying companies name to a natural product and using the vision and culture of the company, activities, and thinking that go into agriculture branding are different from other branding because the scope of an agriculture brand is typically much broader in INDIA.

My work will help small farmers to get out of their debts by giving them a global platform so that they can make big profits.

Increasing awareness of natural products (e.g., fruits, vegetables, grains) creates agricultural brand recognition, consumers bond with the product, create customer loyalty, and help farmers sell their products in the global market.

The branding literature increasingly suggests that the strength of a brand is not due to the strength of creating a difference in customers perceptions.

When the world uses an agriculture brand as a verb that is because of its remarkable impact as that impact tells us the success of that brand e.g., instead of using the orange people use the brand Nagpur orange.

Brands are everywhere nowadays but Agriculture Brands are not -

  • A logo
  • An identity
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

Agriculture brand is –

  • Passion
  • Confidence
  • Belonging
  • Action Culture

A set of unique values — a guarantee of good nutrients and good quality of food, and agriculture branding will make big profits.

As brands study how brand stories proliferate, the marketing literature on branding has raised some important new directions to agricultural branding.

Agriculture branding will provide an opportunity and support to household and small-scale farmers who are producing cost-effective, fresh, and full of nutritious agriculture products for many years in small towns and villages in India and giving satisfaction to a huge middle class and below-average class consumers.

These agricultural product producers and farmers need encouragement in terms of highlighting their products in the global market.

The way in which we can support and encourage such businesses is by providing them with a BRAND NAME by which they can sell their products to the global market.

By this process or by giving them this platform we will be able to sell their products efficiently; by designing strategies we can fulfill the needs of millions of people who require nutritious, fresh and organic products around the globe, and this small change can go a long way to make a difference in the life of farmers because my work is for the people by the people and to the people of INDIA.

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