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Value Added Training Sessions

At Dr. D.Y. Patil B-School, various sessions are organized for students so that it helps them to progress in their chosen field. To achieve this, we have introduced various programmes that give students knowledge and skills that will help them build their confidence and gather experience. Later on in their life, these will help them when they start working.

Name of the Speaker Company Delivered Session on Brief about the session
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh Dr.D.Y.Patil B-School 23 March 2019 Corporate Session
Dr. Niharika Singh Pune University 20 Oct 2018 SPSS Workshop
Sadhana Ghalsasi SIBM 11 Aug 2018 Predictive Analysis by SAP.
ZIN Gargi July 2018 Zumba Workshop
Ms. Pooja Patil and Ms. Kavita Deshmukh Renovation Management Consultants 7 Aug 2018 Handwriting Analysis Workshop
Prof. Vishal Wadajkar 27 June 2018 Resume Development Workshop
Mike Jockey,Bandya 93.5 Big FM 27 June 2018 Workshop on Effective Communication
Prof. Deepak Solanki 26 June 2018 Specialisation Workshop
Dr.Ankush Agarwal Mind Scan Education Technology Pvt. Ltd. June 2018 Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)