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E Cell & Incubation Centre

The central idea behind an Entrepreneurship Cell is to create an atmosphere where students know about Entrepreneurship and the schemes of Governmental and Non-governmental organisations to promote Entrepreneurship. It provides platform to get answers to million questions in the mind of budding entrepreneurs

The purpose of entrepreneurship cell is three-fold, namely-

  • To bring out entrepreneurial flair in students
  • To make students understand entrepreneurial attitude and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To provide them with a platform which gives them number of innovative opportunities to develop the entrepreneur in them.
    • Inauguration By Aquakraft

Mr. R. Ramanan, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog, Govt of India, inaugurated Dr. D.Y. Patil B-School’s Entrepreneurship Cell and Incubator in collaboration with Aquakraft, SWACHH LAB and SWACCH ACCELERATOR FOR SOCIAL IMPACT, a social Incubator on 7th July 2018. Mr. Ramanan spoke about Government initiatives and how our students can become entrepreneurs taking all help from the E-Cell.