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From developing passionate marketers, finance specialists, various business-ready managers to even excellent entrepreneurs, artists and researchers, our PGDM program focus on multidimensional growth of every student. From being a 'planner' to being a 'doer' is the journey each of our student undertakes.

Dr.D.Y.Patil B-School provides a platform for placement where companies are invited to recruit students of various specializations and work experience. Potential employers are able to undertake on-campus recruitment through a stream-lined process of registrations, PPTs and selection. Understanding the significance of using the right aptitude and knowledge skill-sets for the right task, the Placement Team at our Institute seeks to provide corporate and students the best opportunities for mutually beneficial selection.

Responsible for identifying the right student-organization fit, the Placement Team selects, targets and invites companies for Final and Summer Internship Placements.